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Grout Seal

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Grout Seal is a formulated sealer for floor grout.  In cases where glazed tiles have been applied to the floor, invariably the grout has not been waterproofed. Being porous, dirt is likely to form, even with regular cleaning.   Grout Seal will seal the pores, preventing water seepage and collation of dirt thus resulting in a cleaner more hygienic finish. May also be used on wall grout. 

Kitchens, passages, entrance hallways, patios and verandas, etc, or any area where the grout becomes darker when wet.

Always test in an inconspicuous area first.



Per Litre

3 mm grout line

Approx 700 linear metres

6 mm grout line

Approx 500 linear metres

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  • Model: FGS100