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WP Waterproof Membrane

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1. Wall sealing
Ceramic tiling in itself is not waterproof: Junctions to fittings and walls are particularly susceptible to water ingress which can damage the substrate. Walls, particularly in wet rooms and at industrial premises such as breweries, are exposed to high levels of moisture.

2. Cracks
During renovations of old surfaces, cracks in the substrate can occur which no longer guarantee a secure installation of new tiling.


DURABASE WP is a crack bridging sealant membrane made of soft polyethylene. It has water vapor retarding properties and is physiologically safe. Because DURABASE WP does not require disposal as special waste, it is also environmentally compatible. The mats are fabricated with a fleece fabric on both sides which provides maximum anchorage in the tile adhesive. DURABASE WP is highly elastic, waterproof, resistant to aging and rot proof. It is also resistant to aqueous and chemical solutions, salts, alkalis, alcohols, oils and organic solvents.

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