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Tilux Shower System 100 x 100

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TILUX Shower System for floor level showers with no step

  • Complete product solution with integral sealing and drain.
  • Simple and easy installation.
  • Shallow installation height as low as 10.5 cm.
  • For all types of floor covering in new and old buildings.
  • Secure and long lasting sealing of the shower.
  • Very high compressive strength capable of withstading high point loads ( Inc wheelchairs )
  • Even small mosaic tiles ( 20mm can be laid )

Included in the system:

  1. Drain Grill ( Stainless Steel )
  2. Grill holder can be rotated 360o with height adjustment upto 12mm.
  3. Protectective screw cover.
  4. Threaded ring
  5. Drain flange moulded from rigid expanded polystyrene.
  6. Foil seal membrane affixed using adhesive with integral water-proofing for walls by means of 7cm overlap.
  7. TILUX Board moulded from rigid expanded polystyrene with built in 2% gradient extremely high compressive strength >=100kg/m2
  8. Drain centrally placed as per standards with special eddy technique to speed drainage, suitable for horizontal or vertical outlet.
  9. Surrounding flange ring.
  10. Universal joint.
  11. Sealing washer
  12. Compression washer.
  13. Pipe washer.
  14. Drain pipe ( Horizontal and vertical outlet always supplied )

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  • Model: TL 100