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Concrete Formwork Metaform Elim

Table of Contents

Tile Joint Series

Kwik Strip

SS Series

Quaker Plus

DS Series

CP Series



WB Series

FS Series


Metaform Duo

Metaform Eliminator



The ultimate in prefabricated Free Movement Joints.
Suitable for heavy duty applications, can also be supplied in stainless steel.

  • High strength steel strip bridges the joint gap.
  • Fill area relocated to concrete slab and is supported on all sides.
  • Fill area can be added to as shrinkage occurs instead of complete replacement.
  • Designed to accommodate 30mm joint movement.
  • Minimal maintenance requirement for the life of the floor.
  • Recommended for use in post tension slabs.
  • High strength steel strip assists in load transfer.
  • Steel strip has sharp edge and large flat area to trowel up to.
  • Has full specified depth of concrete at the joint face. Concrete Formwork Elim

Typical uses:

Any free movement joint where maintenance free
smooth transition of the joint is required.
Stainless version can be used in the food and
pharmaceutical industries.