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Concrete Formwork Metaform Duo

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Metaform Duo

Metaform Eliminator



            Suitable for all concrete slab construction.
  • Innovative design.
  • For slabs from 140 –225mm
  • Use as a leave in place screed rail or use the same product back to back to create a contraction joint “Metaform Duo”
  • Strong lightweight construction.
  • Precision engineering manufacture.
  • Heavy galvanised coating.
  • Constructs floors to "Superflat" category.
  • Provides steel armouring to joint arris.
  • Accepts standard dowels and re-bar @ 300mm ctrs. Metaform Duo
  • Assists in resisting dowel burst out.
  • Suitable for stop ends and perimeter forms.
  • Crack inducement to full slab depth.
  • Adjustable height and alignment.
  • Range of easy and unique fixing methods.
  • Quick, simple installation.
  • Suitable for concrete slabs to 250mm deep.
  • 3 Sizes available immediately from stock.

Typical uses:
Any concrete slab up to 225mm deep, either internal or external