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P.V.C. Trim Plus

The edge for ceramic tiles with the patented features of removable height platform and guide line on its underside. These features allow for better fitting whilst on site as the cut tile will invariably present a thicker edge than the uncut tile. The co-extruded red strip will zip away allowing an extra 1mm to be found. The guide shows the installer the trim is correctly lined up during installation. Other features that are now copied in other trims include the overhang lips, the quadrant face for easy 3 dimensional alignment, a thicker flange partly along its length to give the profile strength

Model Product Image Item Name Price
ETP648 P.V.C. Trim Plus 6.4 mm

P.V.C. Trim Plus 6.4 mm

Depth mm Length MtrFinishes6.42.5 01 - White

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ETP758 P.V.C. Trim Plus 7.5 mm

P.V.C. Trim Plus 7.5 mm

Depth mm Length MtrFinish7.52.501 - White

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ETP908 P.V.C. Trim Plus 9 mm

P.V.C. Trim Plus 9 mm

  Depth mm Length Mtr Finish 9 2.5 01 , 16 , 32  

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