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Aluminium Corner Guards - Pawling

Our aluminium corner guards are easy to install and come in wing sizes from 25mm to 76mm They come standard with adhesive, or can be pre-drilled for mounting with mechanical fasteners. Customize the look you need with lengths up to 3m. Also available in custom angles and wing sizes.

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Model Product Image Item Name Price
CG-400/CG-401/CG-402/CG-403/CG-404/CG-405 CG-400/CG-401/CG-402/CG-403/CG-404/CG-405


CG-400 Standard 60 25mm90°MediumCG-401 Standard 60 51mm 90°MediumCG-402 Standard 60 76mm90°MediumCG-14 Standard 60 25mm135°MediumCG-1245 Standard 60...

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