Expansion joints work with all types of Industries, environments and conditions within the construction industries and with this in mind we strive to give the most technical advice, support and products available using the latest technological advances in materials etc. We also try to give the latest information on all the current developments and standards changes that may be occurring in British standards and DIN

For Tiling

BS5385 Parts 1 Wall and floor tiling. Code of practice for the design and installation of internal ceramic and natural stone wall tiling and mosaics in normal conditions.
BSI BS 5385 Part 5 Wall and Floor Tiling Part 5: Code of Practice for the Design and Installation of Terrazzo Tile and Slab, Natural Stone and Composition Block Floorings for the UK Market
DTU52.1/26.2 for the French market
DIN18157 for the German Market

Fire Proofing

BS476 parts 20 and 22 for Fire tests on building materials and structures. Methods for determination of the fire resistance of non-load bearing elements of construction:
EN 1366-4:2006 Fire resistance tests for service installations – Linear Joint seals


DIN 1055: Part 3: Loading of Fork Lift Trucks and Standard Vehicles
DIN 1072: Standard Moving Loads